“Unacceptable Levels” Screening in NYC and WDC

The makers of “Potomac: the River Runs through Us” know the importance of understanding what contaminants are in our environment. “Unacceptable Levels” continues to shed light on the 80,000 chemicals and growing on the market today.

“Unacceptable Levels” opens the door to conversations about the chemical burden our bodies are being exposed to, so we can make informed decisions as we move forward. This film poses particular challenges to our companies, our government, and our society to do something about a nearly unseen threat with the inspired knowledge that small changes can create a massive impact.
NYC Screenings are May 31 and June 4 Lincoln Center Green Screens: http://www.unacceptablelevels.com/screenings/
DC listing as well! Thursday June 20 at E St.

 The Unacceptable Levels trailer