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To learn more about the issues confronting the Potomac River, check out the websites of the organizations represented by participants in the POTOMAC film.

Friends of the Earth | Brent Blackwater, President Emeritus; Founding Chairman, American Rivers

US Geological Survey   | Dr. Vicki Blazer, Fish Research Biologist

US Environmental Protection Agency   | Jeff Corbin, Senior Adviser, Chesapeake Bay

Blue Legacy   | Alexandra Cousteau, Emerging Explorer, National Geographic Society

The Nature Conservancy  | Stephanie Flack, Potomac River Project Director

 “Ten Things You Should Know About our Nation’s River Nature Conservancy Initiative

 “Good Neighbor Handbook:  Tips and Tools for (Potomac) River-Friendly Living” Nature Conservancy Initiative

DC Water  | George Hawkins, Gen. Manager;  Chris Peot, Manager, Nutrient and Energy Resource Recovery, DC Water

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers   | Thomas Jacobus, Gen. Manager, Washington Aqueduct Division

Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin   | Carlton Haywood, Exec. Director

United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Potomac River National Wildlife Refuge Complex    | Marty McClevey, Park Ranger (now retired)

Potomac Riverkeeper  | Ed Merrifield, President Emeritus

Friends of the Potomac River Refuges  | Joan Patterson, President

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