I want to clean the Potomac River because male fish have female eggs inside them because of pollution. I have a connection that I only drink filtered water. Anoush, age 9

This movie reminded me of when my father and I used to pick up trash by the Potomac. I also think like Mrs. Fleming because I believe that you should only buy products without dye. Alice, age 8

I learned that most of the water we drink comes from the Potomac River. I like that they are trying to help the river by telling people to stop polluting and to not waste water. Pauline, age 9

For the most part, I was pretty unaware that a lot of my actions like washing my hands or taking a shower can affect people through water. Amaya, age 9

I like this movie because it isn’t a boring documentary like the one about hair perms that my grandmother had me watch. This one is a lot more entertaining and important. Claire, age 9

I was out on the street in front of my  house during a rain and noticed that the principal paths of storm water, long before they reach the drains, are between the curb and street edge.  I was thinking that this would be a natural place to filer this very concentrated storm runoff with a sort of continuous French drain of potentially immense dimensions.  I’m not sure if this idea  is practical or even if it would work.  I’m sure your film POTOMAC, the environmental film festival itself, and our general consciousness of the perils facing our planet all played a role in my having this idea!  Dickson Carroll, Washington, DC

This documentary does a great job in presenting a complex problem in terms of every day life.  It tells each of us what we can do to change our habits from being part of the problem to being a part of the solution.  It is a wake-up call for all of us who live in this great river basin.  Norvill Jones, Alexandria, VA